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1600 Tutoring Correspondence Course

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1600 Tutoring Correspondence Course

David Shlomo Hestrin
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As a high school student in the early 2000's, I received a 1600 in practice, and I upped my official SAT score from 1360 to 1570. Years later, I became a tutor and helped all of my students improve and many achieve perfect scores.

How did I do it? By understanding the test and understanding the content the test tests.

I developed the simplest method for highest achievement on the SAT that centers on focus, relaxation, confidence, and learning for its own sake.

In the correspondence course, you or your student will learn a unique approach to the test that is fun, edifying, empowering, and effective. It will teach how to be a better reader, a better writer, and better at math so that not only will the SAT score reflect that, but a better life will come from the improvement in communication and execution that come through improved reading ,writing, and math.

Furthermore comes a sense of confidence and achievement through the validation of the SAT score.

It will take time, and it will take energy and focus. However, for the students that truly desire improved success both intellectually and with the SAT, they will find this course to be extraordinarily rewarding.

Here's how it works:

Upon purchasing the course, you will receive a file with simple specific instructions for the first practice test. After students complete these first instructions, they will be given follow up instruction. This is to prevent overwhelm and help students focus and grow confidence.

While the course does offer explanation for every question and all content tested on the SAT, the course centers on helping students recognize that they, themselves, are capable of arriving at the right answers and at learning what they need. 

Thus, they walk away from the course empowered, feeling that they accomplished the task.

The amount of time and amount of correspondence is somewhat dependent on the student, but full e-mail access is available for 9 months from the purchase date. Students that follow the instructions earnestly have phenomenal results with relatively little correspondence, but we are more than happy to provide as much e-mail correspondence as students or parents/guardians desire.

Our philosophy is that more so than teaching the SAT, we are learning and teaching skills for life in communication skills (reading and writing) and objective analysis and execution (math). Our ideal students are excited about improving their skills and understanding more than simply getting a score on the test. Our vision is to make 1600 scores a normal result similar to getting a perfect score on an academic class for a student who has paid attention in class and done their homework. After all, the SAT can be a retake of a retake of a retake of a retake for students... so if they're learning the content and how to take the test... why shouldn't they get a perfect score?

That said, we know a 1600 is not for everyone.

However, if you or your student WANT or at least like the idea of getting a 1600 score, this is the program for you.

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