The Good Eye Genes Guide to Better Vision and Better Living

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If you haven't done eye surgeries yet, you probably have "good eye genes" and can probably improve your eyesight naturally to see clear without lenses.


The Good Eye Genes Guide to Better Vision will get you there in an easy breezy manner.ย 


Just read the short text and take off your lenses and listen to some easy listening casual audio to take you through the healing process to see more clearly naturally and feel better all the way.


We believe you have the capacity to see clearly without lenses; that your genetics and physiology are ready to see clearly - you just have to coordinate your body and mind for it.


Muscle strain and mental stress cause blurry vision, releasing the strain and relaxing the mind to find calm and alertness and effortless awareness and self control can lead to seeing clearly again - and that's what the Good Eye Genes guide will give you!


It teaches you how to relax your whole body across your whole life.

Do you feel stress and strain in your eyes? Would you like to get free of it?

ย ๐Ÿต

The guide helps you feel things through.

The guide helps motivate you.

The guide helps inspire you.

The guide helps keep your eyes on the prize.

The guide unlocks the super-power-wisdom contained in your genetics...

Your genetics that are the result of so many generations of evolution (or the result of God's image)... either way... the Good Eye Genes guide helps you keep a positive narrative about your potential for improvement... and helps you tangibly move forward.

Not only does it help you move forward, it helps the improvements just come to you/through you... because the idea is that you NATURALLY would see clearly by doing what feels most natural to your body.

So it can really feel effortless. It feels like ALLOWING your body to do what's best - instead of "doing exercises".

It also does share specific exercises and practices that have been found to especially target eye muscles and relaxation of the eyes and improved coordination, but it's more about developing a deep KNOWING that you're MEANT to see clearly without lenses... and that you just have to get out of your way and listen to your natural wisdom... and act in line with that wisdom.

The Good Eye Genes guide represents more than a decade worth of investigation into my own body wisdom and the findings of working with so many people to tap into theirs.

So when you are ready to let go of the strain, and see clearly again, buy the guide and get going!

It contains:ย 

An Eye Chart

My Book The Cure For Blur


MORE than 20 audio tracks.

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The Good Eye Genes Guide to Better Vision and Better Living

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